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21st of July 2018


On the Protection of Women's Rights in Canada - The Good Men Project

With the moderate flame of Canadian discourse risen in some unhealthy ways, the need to keep in mind rights of the individual person through group identification becomes important. It becomes important insofar as the individuals work to reduce the implementation of women’s rights through various means in this country.

The stance of the Government of Canada regarding women’s rights remains that they are human rights. With the importance of equality, and with the unequal treatment Canadian women have faced in the history of Canada, the rights for women in this nation become more prescient, salient, and needing to be prominent for public discussion.

As noted by the Canadian government information resource in the above-paragraph link, we find several legal instruments for the equality of women within the country. One of the main ones, and the sole one to be covered in this article, is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. This document unequivocally states the constitutional protections of individual human rights, including women’s rights.

This means the constitutional protections for women’s rights within the context of the relationship between an individual Canadian woman and the Canadian federal government. The scope and limits of women’s equality with men in the society. Some other documents, not covered here, include the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and provincial and territorial human rights legislation.

As this remains an introductory article on the basis of equality for men and women within the country, the main sections of import for this coverage includes, in brief, Section 15 and Section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. These two sections speak to the equality of women with men through the equal protection and benefit of the legal system and framework established within Canada, where women are not to be discriminated against for those equal protections and benefits of the law based on their sex.

The other section – 28 – speak to the guarantees of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom for equal application of the Charter to men and women. There is a rising tide against women in this as the deck of the country is shuffled based on technological shifts and changes, robotics and artificial intelligence infusion into the culture, and the impact on employment for men with globalization.

It seems relevant, to me, to bear these in mind.

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