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22nd of July 2018


Actress Eliza Sam Sets The Record Straight |

Hong Kong-based Canadian actress Eliza Sam’s eight-year TVB contract has just come to an end. Instead of renewing her contract, she just decided to leave Hong Kong and fly back to Canada.

And, that has led to numerous speculations about her reasons for doing so.

Some say she is heading back home to have a baby, while others say she is unhappy about losing a coveted role to another actress.

So, in order to quell such rumours, she has taken to social media to put things straight.

Writing in a combination of Chinese and English on her Instagram, Sam began her message with: “I still recall my first time stepping foot into TVB to participate in the Miss Chinese International Pageant … I can’t believe so many years have come and gone and that our contract is now finished. Words can not fully express the gratitude, respect and appreciation that I have for my TVB family in my heart.”

She took the opportunity to express her gratitude to all the people who have helped her in the course of her career.

“Without your protection, patience, guidance, encouragement and teaching there would not be the (Princess Fragrant) that the audience knows today. Thank you for accompanying me every step of the way as we progressed together.

“As a proud TVB daughter I (am unwilling to part) and (am) forever thankful as I take the next step into the future.”

Hong Kong TVB actress Eliza Sam Canadian

Eliza Sam looks cute even as a gun-toting police trainee in Hong Kong action movie Special Female Force. Photo: Filepic

In a separate message, the actress added: “My contract with TVB is expiring in a few days. I have flown back to Canada. I am now visiting my family and other relatives. At the same time, I can take a rest and go on a holiday.

“I also have a lot of weddings to attend and celebrate. I wish to say to everyone ‘thank you for all your concern’. After taking this break and recharging, I will return to Hong Kong …”

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Sam got her start in showbiz after she won the 2009 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and the 2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant.

The 33-year-old actress then signed to TVB and has appeared in more than 30 drama serials. She won numerous acting accolades for her roles in Inbound Troubles, Triumph In The Skies 2, Sniper Standoff, The Hippocratic Crush 2, and My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan.

She has also starred in three films – The Fortune Buddies (2011), I Love Hong Kong 2012 and Special Female Force (2016), which was filmed in Malaysia.

In 2016, Sam married her investment banker boyfriend Joshua Ngo. Both Sam and Ngo have been residing in Hong Kong but their families are in Vancouver.

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